A Binge-worthy Crafty Cafe : Just Bing’g’e



I stared at this instagram post from the ‘weightlossmotivation’ handle I avidly follow. With an extra g in the Bingge, no force in the world was going to prevent me from bingeing at the newly opened outpost of Just Bing’g’e and I chose to disregard the post like always.

There maybe seating for as many as ten people in this cafe and it isn’t strong on comfort. But Just Bingge is a place to cherish if you value craftily decked small spaces and genuine western fare. The décor is studiedly Parisian, artfully scuffed walls adorned with a bicycle and an antique clock, suspended books from the ceiling, all bric-a-brac and the pastel green hue used extensively adds an earthy charm to this boutique eatery.

I was elated to be a part of a Bloggers Roundtable organized by Pooja Trehan Dhamecha of NuvoFoodies (Twitter :@nuvofoodies, Instagram : @nuvofoodies) to review a repertoire of dishes curated by Chef Aditi Juneja.

A chilly Friday evening commenced on a pleasant note with AJ the musician strumming the guitar and crooning some of our favourite tracks and us foodies digging into the French hollow case pastries ‘Vol-Au-Vents’. Vol-Au-Vent translates to ‘windblown’ in french and these tiny buttons were stuffed with cheesy mushrooms tossed in garlic were a chirpy mouthful and literally windblown.

Veg Vol-Au-Vents

The Nachos that followed were a far cry from the commonly available nachos reeking of yellow cheese sauce; complemented by a perky salsa and a cheesy dip, the Mexican chips were dullish.

Nachos with Salsa & Cheesy Dip

The Passion Fruit Cooler & the Mango Iced tea need a serious overhaul as neither of the coolers succeeded in creating any sort of impression on me.

Passionfruit Cooler

A splendid casserole offering was the Aubergine Parmigiana. Chunks of almost caramelized aubergine with a resonating backnote of marinara sauce and cheese were so gorgeous that put the vegetarians and the non-vegetarians in a state best described as blissed out.

Aubergine Parmigiana

Crispy hot French fries sassily meddling with mushrooms and fresh lettuce dressed with a trio of sauces was ‘Le Pout’, Chef Aditi’s rendition of the Canadian invention ‘Poutine’. Le Pout that finds itself under the healthy header ‘Salads’ was everything that a salad is not expected to be: Fried, Saucy, Cheesy; something that would light my fire anytime of the day.

Le Pout

Chicken Seekh flaunted a smokin’ hot swagger; draping it was a tortilla proudly sporting those blackish brown grill marks adding an extra dose of oomph. The Chicken Seekh Wrap was the star attraction of the evening for us MEATasauruses.

Chicken Seekh Wrap

When mac met cheese that seeks inspiration from the warm comforting bowl of Mac & Cheese is a Pasta based cold salad tossed in a cheesy tomato sauce & pepper juliennes beautified with diced cheese. The salad was hearty, though I would have loved some more crunch to it.

When Mac Met Cheese

Hinged between soft and warm bread were chicken tikka shards coated in a mint salad, the Chicks in Herb sandwich was fresh and vibrant with the herbs adding an overall zip to it.

Chicks in Herbs

The Melting Sandwich that sealed the deal right before dessert was a triple-decker avalanche of cheese. The strident saltiness of the cheese was pacified by cream and a mixed veggie stuffing.

We had warm & squidgy chocolate brownies for desserts that were studded with choco chips and drizzled with chocolate sauce for extra decadence.

Going by the menu, a full-bodied meal for a couple should come under INR 400/-. Just Bingge is a collective effort of people who want you to binge and pig out on a star restaurant feast without unnerving your wallet. I only wish the space was bigger to immerse in good conversations or just hang out all by myself with an interesting read. However, with some unusual treats on offer, this Café is full of jolly-good surprises.

#Indulge In : Aubergine Parmigiano, Le Pout, Chicken Seekh Wrap, Chicks in Herbs Sandwich.

#Be Wary Of : Ice Coolers & Nachos.

#Blow To Your Wallet : A full-bodied meal for a couple would cost INR 400-500 tops.

#Best For : Quick meal or a Takeaway.

#Lookout : Promotional Offers on Just Bingge’s Social Media.

#Yay/Meh/Nah : Yay, just go easy on the bingeing 😉

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‘As an invite to sample  Just Bingge’s offerings, the whole experience was gratis; however my views are candid and bias-free.’ 


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